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Nuttifox is the creative brand of Chris Nutbeen, a UK based designer and founder of, a full service digital agency. Our focus has always been to produce quality first in everything we do. This started with client brands and websites and now our own brand range of items, things we would like to own, using the best materials and crafted by like-minded experts across the UK.

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Bow Tie or Neck Tie?

Bow Tie or Neck Tie?

Simply, its a matter of what your into for the occasion, bow ties or neck ties. Personally I prefer to rock a bow, simply because they stand out an...
4 People Who Rock Bow Ties

4 People Who Rock Bow Ties

These are the 4 iconic awesome people who rock the bow tie and Justin Timberlake is one of them, he wears them as much as he can at party's, awards...
3 Types Of Bow Tie

3 Types Of Bow Tie

There are 3 types of bow tie in the fashion world, self-tie, pre-tied and clip on. Each with there advantages and disadvantages. Self-tie is a cool...